About Me

Hi! I’m Priya Ramachandran, newly minted Poobah of PriiZm.

What’s PriiZm?

Did I mean Pri-ism? Prison? Prism?

All of the above maybe 🙂 I’m a writer primarily, words are my playthings. I’m also: a mom, chai latte enthusiast, lover of Jhumpa Lahiri’s slow achey stories, Leonard Cohen fangirl, tech writer @Medisolv, and hobby programmer.

I see the world in terms of a) what interests me b) what I know NOTHING about and I’m dying to find out, c) things I don’t know exist, but once they jump into my radar and catch my interest, they get all of my magnificent attention. I’m a magpie of sorts. I’m attracted to shiny new baubles. I like making new things. Once I’m done with learning how to do something, I often abandon it (I’ve never been diagnosed with ADD but I feel like my life arc is an ADD progression.)

This interest-learning-abandonment trait of mine gets me into trouble with plenty of people who just wanna know WHY? Not me! I see myself in Zen, beginner’s mind terms. The journey is what interests me most of the time.

So my current interests include: science, tech, religion. Startups. I want to create comic strips and animation videos. Last year, I wrote a story that got published in an anthology (Trapped Tales, please go check it out!) and got some decent reviews on Amazon. I’ve started and killed at least a couple of ventures. By now, I’ve figured out what my Achilles heel is. For the most part. I’d like to figure out what sort of tourniquet I need to stanch the flow and limp around the bend.

This blog is my journey into all of that. Into PriiZm – the art of being me.

Here are the other places I hang out:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/priya.ramachandran1

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pramster

Twitter: @ms_pram