The Gospel of Zero Fucks

Because it’s November and Halloween is over and whatever mental space it occupied is now available for other projects.

Because Newton’s law. If an object at motion stays in motion, it’s just a matter of initial movement.

Because the memory of those past failures, the censure of people’s eyes, the worry that you’ll fall flat once again – publicly – can dull your fire for only so long.

Because that device that automatically transforms your nebulous thoughts into sparkling prose is still being invented in someone’s garage. Till then you just got your opposable thumbs and an iPhone screen. And yes, the next great American novel will be written on an iPhone.

Because Nanowrino. Nanowrimo is an exact number. 50k. It’s magical. It has meaning. At the end of this month, if you buy yourself one of this “I feel like a 26.2 today” and cross out the 26.2 and replace it with 50k, the Nanowrimo segment of the universe will completely get it.

Because Gospel of Zero Fucks. It’s a good mantra to live your life by.

Day 1: 1699. I was soooooo tempted to add a random word somewhere to take the count to 1700 but I left it at that. It’s sort of like a mental cliffhanger, the Edge of Seventeen Hundred.

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